Commercial refrigeration is one of our specialties at Valley HVACR. We’ve spent the last 10 years fixing and installing refrigeration systems from small reach-in coolers and freezers, to large walk-in coolers and freezers, meat packing plant coolers, storage unit freezers, and chillers. We’ve installed walk-in coolers for CSU and Northern Colorado restaurants of all sizes and shapes to suit our customers’ sizing and product needs.


Over the last decade we’ve seen just about every problem facing a restaurant or food industry business. From simple parts change outs, compressor replacements, piping re-works and everything in between…. we’ve done it.


One of the most important things for a business that relies on their refrigeration equipment is to keep their equipment maintained! We’ve seen it all too often with simple repairs caused by lack of maintenance costing the business thousands of dollars worth of food and product.

Refrigeration equipment is usually running 24-7 all year long. That takes a toll on the equipment and we recommend maintenance every 3 months to keep your energy bills low and units running problem free while maintaining proper product temperature.