Simply put, the most reliable brand of air conditioner is the Trane system. We offer complete installation of A/C units and accessories to keep your house cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

From brand new systems to upgrades in efficiency and performance, we’ve done it all, while keeping the cost low for the homeowner.

Refrigerant Types and the EPA

The EPA has now banned the  manufacture of air conditioning units containing R-22 refrigerant. We can still repair them but we are unable to install them anymore. Currently there are millions of air conditioners in use that require R-22 and will continue to use R-22 for the foreseeable future. Banning the manufacture of the R-22 air conditioning units has caused a HUGE increase in the cost of R-22 refrigerant.


R-410A refrigerant is an ozone-friendly refrigerant that has replaced R-22. It is just as efficient as R22 however it has less ozone harming effects than R22. Unfortunately the R-22 equipment is not compatible with the new R410A, thus requiring replacement of the equipment. The cost of fixing R22 systems  often is so expensive that it just doesn’t make sense to repair R22 equipment. If you have a large leak in your A/C equipment and it uses R-22 refrigerant, the best solution may be to replace the equipment with a new R-410A air conditioner.

If you have any questions on “repair vs. replace” please don’t hesitate to call.

SEER Ratings on A/C Units

SEER rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit. In 2006 the minimum SEER rating went from 10 SEER to 13 SEER, which means a huge increase in efficiency. An increase in SEER rating does not necessarily mean it will cool “better”. For most models it means it will simply use less electricity to perform the same amount of cooling.

Trane offers SEER ratings up to 20 SEER with variable speed or 2 speed compressor options. These systems are truly a step above your standard AC up to 16 seer. However, the do usually require a 2 stage furnace to be paired with any multi-stage AC systems.

We help you choose the right system for your space and needs and ensure precision installation to avoid any losses in efficiency.