AC Repair 

We’ve repaired thousands of air conditioning units ranging from 2 tons to 20 tons of cooling. Our techs are professionally trained and know how to make your system as efficient as possible. By checking your A/C equipment for proper refrigerant pressure, temperatures and amperage, we ensure the most efficient running unit possible.

We routinely work on any make or model of AC unit. We can help advise you on when to fix your AC system or when to replace your air conditioner. When it comes to repair, we have you covered.

AC Maintenance 

Air Conditioning is all about HEAT TRANSFER. And when you don’t do maintenance on your A/C , dirt and debris clog up the coil and act as an insulator. This insulator inhibits the flow of heat and can cause major problems. Proper maintenance will always extend the life of your A/C equipment and by doing so, it will make your system more efficient to run and make you more comfortable. So make sure to change the filter once a month and have us come out and to do yearly maintenance on your A/C equipment. We’ve seen relatively new systems have to get replaced due to neglect and failure to do simple maintenance procedures. At minimum you will incur higher energy bills and more repair bills due to lack of maintenance. At worst you’ll be replacing your equipment after 10 years.. We see it every year….

We offer an Annual Maintenance Plan will help ensure you will have fewer problems with your system.